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A brief explanation of who I am, and why I made this page in the first place.

Hello, everyone! I’m Pablo, and I’m thrilled to share my story with you.

Ever since I gained the ability to reason, I’ve been captivated by how everything around me works. Computers, in particular, held a special fascination. The layers of complexity behind their operation seemed endless, and they offered me the opportunity to solve problems in a logical manner that would otherwise be mechanical tasks.

Cardboard computer I made around 2006 Cardboard computer I made around 2006

My insatiable curiosity led me to explore numerous topics, often deemed too complex for a child. This led me to countless disagreements with the education system, which is centered around standardized learning and a limited set of concepts for everyone to follow.

One aspect that set me apart was my ability to grasp concepts at a much faster rate than my peers. However, there was a catch: I could truly understand these concepts only after witnessing them in action. Unfortunately, the standardized education system relied heavily on repetition, which further fueled my disagreement with the status quo.

During my secondary education I started coding, more often as I started getting better at it. I explored subjects such as pentesting, creation of webpages, or algorithmic problem-solving.

By the time I reached university, I started looking into electronics on my own, while at the same time learning a few useful concepts through formal education. Despite some improvement compared to my previous educational experiences, I was still very disappointed with university, and ultimately made the decision to quit university as soon as I found a job as a software developer.

As much as I enjoy the realm of logic and reason, I face different challenges in socializing and communication. Sharing the wealth of knowledge I have gathered over the years doesn’t come as naturally to me as solving complex problems. Nevertheless, I am determined to improve in this aspect.

During my professional career, I’ve had the opportunity to learn at a faster rate than I ever did. Putting concepts into real-life use for a living has really been a turning point in my pursuit of knowledge. Despite that, it has also highlighted the importance of good communication, a skill that has hindered my growth as an engineer.

Driven by my desire to connect with like-minded individuals and share the knowledge I’ve acquired, I’ve taken the leap and created this website. It’s my personal platform, a place where I can bridge the gap between my love for problem-solving and my longing to connect with others who share similar interests.

Through articles on this website, I’ll provide insightful explanations and a touch of personal perspective to showcase the solutions I found to a plethora of engineering problems. Communication remains a challenge for me, but I firmly believe that with dedication and persistence, I can acquire and refine this essential skill.

While it may not come naturally, I’m committed to learning from every interaction, and becoming a better communicator.

Stay tuned for the next post!

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